Altered States
Year 2021

A conference that challenges America’s current view of drugs and drug users, Altered States is designed to open up a space for a much needed discussion around possibilities in an area that is saturated with stigma and retribution.
Jessie Huynh
3D, Visuals, Concept
Cinema 4D, Adobe CC
Summer 2021 – Website Plug-in

The modern fashion industry is full of false claims of sustainability and oversaturated with fast-fashion. Unclothe is a plug-in solution to help guide individuals who want to be more sustainable in understanding which brands meet their expectations and which ones do not.
Joyce Lin
Elyssa Yim
12 weeks
Personal project
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A plug-in for people who want to shop more sustainably.



We used personas to understand and analyzed potential problem scenarios and user needs. Then, we came up with ideas that were both tactile and digital that we felt would solve our problem. We ended up loving the idea of telling stories through tags and making a virtual plug-in that would assist consumers while shopping. This would soon become Unclothe.

Pain Points

Lack of Time
Researching brands takes a lot of time, and there is an abundance of contradictory evidence to sort through.
Pricey Alternatives
Sustainable fashion is often expensive, which leads people to shop fast fashion because of its convenience.


Our Solution

A plug-in that rates a brand's ethics and sustainability.
Many people who want to shop ethically don't want to spend the time to research brands, their prices, or find alternatives on their own. This is a solution that rates a brand while a user is browsing shopping websites, and provides them recommendations for alternative solutions.
Product Recommendations
When shoppers are looking at a specific product, they can click on the unclothe plug-in and view product alternatives. These include secondhand options and sustainable brands with a high ratings.
To incentivize shoppers to continue their sustainable shopping habits, users can earn rewards by visiting or buying products from alternative websites. These rewards can be redeemed on Unclothe's website.